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Today 3 years had passed since the death of my favourite book author - sir Terry Pratchett. On this day I thought I could watch one of the films based on his books - Hogfather or Going Postal - since I haven't seen them just yet. Do you like Pratchett too?

Does somebody even read these? Are you people even alive in here? If not, then where have you all moved to? Instagram? Facebook? Somewhere else?


ReznoR Michael
■ ISTP [Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving]
■ shy introvert with social phobia
■ perfectionist
■ reclusive
■ cynic
■ realist
■ agnostic
■ geek
■ gamer
■ bookworm
■ romantic
■ altruist
■ single

I like:
■ Shyness
■ Natural
■ Short and small girls who feel underrated/insecure
■ People who feel lost in this world
■ Perfectionists
■ Pale complexion
■ Long hair
■ Pizza
■ Cats
■ Reason
■ Cynicism
■ Respect
■ Logic
■ Sense of humor
■ Wide variety of music (depends on mood/moon phase etc.)
■ PC Games & Racing simulators (but hate public traffic)
■ Good audio quality
■ Movies (on SmoothVideo Project 4 and headphones)

I don't like:
■ Bullying
■ Drugs (in any form)
■ Sexual abuse
■ Alcohol abuse
■ Smoking
■ Tattoos & piercings
■ Makeup abuse
■ Dancing
■ Parties
■ Politics
■ Places with too many people
■ Ignoration
■ Gossip
■ False judgement - prejudgement before doing actual research or simply asking
■ Lack of respect
■ Treachery
■ Unfaithfulness
■ Loud music
■ Gaming Console Industry
■ Windows 10
■ TV Series
■ 23.976 fps, an almost century old standard
■ Anything else below 35-40 fps

#PCMasterRace member
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"The truth is a fog, in which one man sees the heavenly host and the other one sees a flying elephant." - Terry Pratchett


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