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"Nie miał nic, ale to już było coś, a teraz mu to odebrano."


Michael "ReznoR"
Wielkopolskie, Jarocin city.

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I'm Michael. I'm an introvert with social anxiety. People drain energy from me whenever I am near them, and the best way for me to "recharge batteries" is to go somewhere where nobody will bother me. Meeting other people in reality is a seemingly impossible task for me to accomplish. I am demisexual, which means I am only able to feel sexual attraction to someone I feel really close to and pretty much asexual to everyone else. I was also badly hurt by someone special to me in the past, which made me kind of asexual (as well as my accident) and even magnified my lack of trust to other people, especially women. I also totally stopped photographing because of this experience, because it only reminds me (I met her through dA). Now I don't want to meet or be with anyone. I have my own shell which I'm building like a fortress that no one can pass. The only things which keeps me alive now are my headphone collection and my interest in audio. For a long time, she was the only thing which keeped me still alive on this world. Now I only have my headphones for that. But even after all bad things she has done to me, I still believe in her - one day...she'll become a good person. And then she will realize, what she had truly done.

I hate smoking.
I hate being near people who smoke.
I hate drugs.
I hate tattoos.
I hate hipocrisy and falseness.
I hate parties, mass drinking and loud music.
I hate places with too many people in them.
I hate people who shout and talk loud.
I hate noise.
I hate measuring audio quality by bass amount.
I hate overreligious people and talking about religions.
I hate politics.
I hate that the world is divided by nations, countries and fucking religions.
I hate that for most people the top that matters on this world is sex, relationships, marriage and even more overpopulating the already overpopulated world by creating children.
I hate people who hate cats (you will resurrect as mice, you'll see).
I hate people who don't listen.
I hate people who talk more than do.
I hate people who don't care about others.
I hate people who judge other people by their own criterias, and don't understand that everyone is different.
I hate people who do first, and think later.
I hate people who don't think at all.
I hate highly overpriced stuff.
I hate destroying beautiful things.
I hate people looking at others and doing the same bad shit as them, because they do it.
I hate fashion.
I hate myself.
I hate too many things.
And I hate the way I am.
...And I hate that my hate list is not complete.
I love only two things on this world: Alexandra (person). And Alexandra (name).

My favourite music:
My favourite movies:


I'm very interested in audio world (music, DACs, headphones) and I occasionally do own song edits, examples:… Jak poprawić brzmienie swojego komputera?

Who I am: Nobody
Interests: music, headphones, DACs, computer audio, intelligent literature, computers, graphics, technology, geography, movies, photography, audio editing, biking, ancient times, and too many others

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